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Tire Recycling & Disposal

At New World Recycling, we have made an agreement with a licensed and certified tire recycling scrap processing facility. Normally, you would have to pay a high fuel surcharge along with an hourly rate to an unknown company that would charge you for disposing your tires. Now you can drop off your scrap tires directly to us to save time and money. You no longer have to wait for a tire transporter to show up and pay ridiculous fees.


Arguably the most valid reason to choose New World Recycling is your organization’s legal protection. Third party tire disposal transporters are notorious for illegally dumping customer's tires in unauthorized areas. Not only are the authorities able to trace back its origin; they can fine you and your company for negligence. You would be held 100% liable for the cleaning up, so why take the risk?


When you come to New World Recycling, it’s the same as handing in your tire scraps to a certified processing tire disposal facility.

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