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Every year thousands of computers, monitors, copiers, printers, peripherals, cell-phones, handheld devices, stereos, connectors, circuit boards, computer parts, digital devices, and other electronic scraps end up in the landfills. The result is a growing challenge for communities, businesses, and local governments to find efficient ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle all the electronic equipment around the world.


New World Recycling promotes eco-friendly practices by buying electronic equipment that is not reusable. Our facilities have the latest technology that recycles each component into materials that can be reused in new electronic products. Recycling used electronic equipments help benefit the community as it helps reduce pollutions that are normally emitted when new products are created. This helps deal with scarcity of valuable metal resources and prevents them from sitting in landfills.

If you have a large volume of electronic scrap and you would like to sell to us, you will need to set an appointment with us in order to verify all your electronic-waste. Because you can generate a lot of cash for your scrap E-Waste disposal, Please setup an appointment time below to contact one of our specialist so that we can evaluate your digital scrap and give you highest pricing when you recycle your digital waste.

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This form is to schedule an appointment for bulk transaction. In order to get the most money for your electronics scrap, we need to know what you have. Please setup an appointment time with one of our specialist so that we can evaluate your electronics when you bring them down here at New World Recycling.


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