Cellphone Recycling

There are more than 500 million used cell phones in the U.S. sitting in people's drawers or worse, in our landfills, and another 130 million will be added this year alone! Currently, one in three Americans will replace their cell phones this year, adding to the pile of unused phones waiting to be discarded or recycled. By participating in a cell phone recycling program, we help keep valuable materials out of landfills, including an estimated $630,000 of precious metals from circuit boards, and enough copper from phone chargers to recover the Statue of Liberty, twice.

Cell phones present itself as a potentially hazardous waste because they are prone to contain lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. When thrown in the trash and sent to incinerators or landfills, environmental contamination can occur from combustion and these chemicals can leach into nearby soil and groundwater.

Every piece of a cell phone can be recycled. Any unsalvageable parts and batteries will be sent to be disposed of properly. By being proactive in disposing cell phones, we help promote a more environmentally world.

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