Truck Drivers
New World is currently hiring drivers with either a class A, B or C license. We are looking for hardworking and dependable drivers to help reach our company’s need. Our drivers do their part in keeping our community clean by delivering recycled goods across the country, locally and nationwide safely. We would like to extend the opportunity for you to experience a wonderful career in which you are paid by mile, load or per hour. Experience in a straight truck or bobtail is required. Any experience in Semi-trailers is a plus.
Customer Service Manager
We are currently looking for a friendly, outgoing individual who excels in customer service. The customer service manager will be responsible for assisting customers and giving them the courtesy and respect they deserve. Providing for our customers is one of our top goals and by handling their concerns and request; we can build a better connection with the services we offer.
Web Programmer
We are actively seeking a programmer who is familiar with PHP and Web development. New World has a multitude of programs that are in need of programmers to assist us in designing software to improve our corporate structure. The programs that will be worked on are varied. Knowledge of Alpha Five application development software is a plus.
Yard Labor
Our company consistently seeks out tireless workers who can meet our customer’s demand. Our yard workers are trained in different job functions to handle the ever changing conditions of the job. We train our workers to be specialized in many fields that would help them complete their tasks. We offer competitive pay based on knowledge and experience.
Diesal Mechanic
As a recycling company, we have a need for a mechanic who can assist us keeping our fleet of vehicles up and operational. Our ideal mechanic must have experience in operating on 18 wheelers, bobtails, various trucks and other machinery that require maintenance. The mechanic must be certified to operate and repair our equipment.
Metal Welder
We are looking for experienced welders who are capable of welding various metals together. Welders must be able to perform various tasks and will work with various other members of our team to assist in other tasks. Welders can specialize in usage of either stick and/or wire welding. Experience in both forms of welding is a plus.
We are hiring all kinds of electrician. We are looking for apprentice, journeyman and master electricians. There are a variety of different tasks that we require to be complete that utilize each type of electrician’s skill level. Electricians must electricians be able to design, install, and maintain all kinds of electrical systems.

We are looking for a certified public accountant to work with a team that will deliver company-wide planning, long-range goals, business strategies, and offer critical financial support. There will be a wide variety of positions and plenty of opportunities for professional growth within the company.

Use your knowledge, skills, experience and talents to be a part of cutting-edge company. As an Accountant, we are looking for:

  • A degree in Accounting/Business plus two years of related experience
  • Strong accounting skills; knowledge of GAAP is a must
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Be initiative
  • Cashier
    New World is looking for individuals who excel at working in a fast paced environment. We offer competitive wages and the opportunity to work closely with our customers. Our cashiers are the driving force for our company. They work tirelessly to get the job done and are at the fore front to impress our customers.
    Truck Scale Operator
    We are looking for people who have an uncanny memory who can assist us in our Scale Office. Our scale office is a challenging job which requires you to be on your toes to keep up with the work traffic flow that can change quickly.
    We are looking for people who have a talent for managing truck drivers, scheduling delivery, and handling new clients. This position requires you to multitask and keep up with a fast changing enviroment.

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